One-Time Document Shredding Service
SXMSHRED’s one-time, on-site shredding service is intended for commercial residential or customers who need to securely dispose of old papers or documents.

Whether you have a few boxes of paper or an office/warehouse full of financial records that need to be securely discarded, our one-time shredding services can accommodate jobs of all sizes. We destroy everything on-site in state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck.

Drop off Shredding Service
Need to destroy old business documents?
SXMSHRED specializes in shredding private documents for business and residential clients.

SXMSHRED offers reliable drop-off shredding.

Bring the documents to our location and watch all of your confidential information shredded in front of your eyes.

Recurring Document Shredding Service
SXMSHRED offers recurring shredding service for all types of businesses. Scheduled or on call shredding presents an easy way to avoid security risks and stop breaches of privacy by ensuring all sensitive documents are properly thrown away and shredded on a recurring basis.

Recurring shredding customers are provided secure, locked containers to store their sensitive documents. No contract is required, and there are no additional fees.

Our prices will stay the same unless you have an increase in the quantity you are shredding. Security of your confidential and sensitive documents is our #1 priority!

Hard Drive Destruction Service
Information remains on hard drives even when they are no longer in use. Once a computer is replaced, the hard drive needs to be removed and destroyed so the data will not be able to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

SXMSHRED’s hydraulic crusher punches an irreparable hole through the hard drive with 7,500 lbs. of force pressure, destroying the hard drive, rendering the data unrecoverable.

This service includes a certificate of destruction from SXMSHRED